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Soul Architect is an unparalleled spiritual life system designed to help you grow as a person and give you more mental clarity, peace of mind and spiritual insights.

Are you experiencing...

❌ Stress, worry and anxiety

If this is you, your root, sacral & solar plexus chakras are most likely out of balance.

It's time to re-evaluate how you're living life on daily basis.

 ✅ With Soul Architect, you can tend to your chakras with the included chakra exercises.

❌ Confusion, forgetfulness or lack of focus?

If this is you, your crown chakra (or the third eye) is probably blocked.

It's time to re-evaluate what choices you're making.

 ✅ With Soul Architect, you can un-block your crown chakra by doing the included meditation exercises.

❌ Tiredness, sadness or out of balance?

If this is you, your heart chakra might be cluttered.

It's time to re-evaluate how you're healing yourself.

 ✅ With Soul Architect, you can declutter your heart chakra by doing the included breathwork exercises.

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Soul Architect is for...


Who want to explore spirituality and its many benefits on body, mind and soul but are stressed from the overload of spiritual options to pick from.  Soul Architect gives you a complete beginner-friendly approach to learning about spirituality by practicing it on a daily basis.

Spiritual novices

Who are already on a journey of self-enlightenment but are experiencing the pain of lacking the right system to track their spiritual growth and endeavors.

Soul Architect provides a complete space designed for you to import your existing spiritual knowledge into one digital place.

Spiritual experts

Who are more than familiar with spiritual concepts and practice spirituality on a daily basis, but are also looking for ways to improve themselves and their spiritual systems.  Soul Architect allows you to upgrade your current spiritual flow and let's you customize the template to your needs as a spiritual expert.

All-in-one spiritual system

Track, manage, measure and organize your spiritual growth in one connected system.

Spiritual journal & habit tracker

Daily journaling, habit tracking and happiness measurements to make sure you're on track to become the best version of yourself.

Supplements, crystals & oils

Track, manage and organize all the remedies needed to support a healthy chakra system in your body.

Meditation, breathwork & zone exercises

Learn how to breathe right, meditate correctly and do the exercises designed to build your soul, mind and body.

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Soul Architect Pro

Take your spiritual growth to the next level with Soul Architect Pro. Get access to 5+ spiritual journaling prompts with the Ultimate Spiritual Journal or even customize your own workspace with the Spiritual Widget Bundle...

Ultimate Spiritual Journal

A spiritual journal + dashboard with more than 5+ detailed writing prompts to pick from.

Spiritual Widget Bundle

Place spiritual widgets like daily affirmations, tarots or mantras in your Notion workspace.


No subscriptions. One price for unlimited lifetime access.

Soul Architect


The only spiritual system you'll ever need.

All-In-1 Spiritual System

✓ Supplements, crystals & oils

✓ Spiritual journal & habit tracker

✓ Resources, sounds, mantras & goals

✓ 15 x zone exercises (video tutorials)

✓ 6 x Meditation exercises

✓ 4 x Breathwork exercises

Spiritual Bundle


Cheat codes for more spirituality

✓ All-In-1 Spiritual System

✓ Supplements, crystals & oils

✓ Spiritual journal & habit tracker

✓ Resources, sounds, mantras & goals

✓ 15 x zone exercises (video tutorials)

✓ 6 x Meditation exercises

✓ 4 x Breathwork exercises

Ultimate Spiritual Journal ($39)

Monk Mode OS ($39)

Learn more about Spiritual Bundle...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Soul Architect?

Soul Architect is a Notion workspace built to help you live a more spiritual life by offering not only exercises, but one digital place to organize your spiritual journey.

Soul Architect is not based on any religion, faith or denomination. This means that everyone can benefit from using Soul Architect by customizing it to fit their needs (whether it is religious or not).

How does it work?

This spiritual system is a template built in Notion. After your purchase, you'll get a link from where you can duplicate the template directly into your Notion workspace. I've included a detailed video guide to help you get set up.

Why Notion as your Spiritual System?

Most apps or websites offer only limited spiritual resources. Often, they lack the option to organize and customize your resources, planning and exercises. Through Notion, Soul Architect provides the framework for minimalistic and efficient introspection, soul-searching and spiritual growth and allows you to store all your spiritual resources like crystals, oils, exercises or even habits.

Do I need to pay for Notion to use this?

Notion is free to use and you can use all the features of Soul Architect simply by registering with a free Notion account.

What if I still have questions?

Send me a message on Twitter or send an email to [email protected]

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